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Privacy Policy

If you read the About NuggetsHoops page, you know that this site exists to express my support of the Denver Nuggets NBA basketball team. Although I do have a few affiliate links that I encourage you to use when purchasing online from or to help defray my costs in running this website, it's really that simple.

With that said I collect nothing other than simple visitor statistics and email addresses for the NuggetsHoops newsletter. This information will never be shared with any other company or individuals, keeping all of your private information safe and secure and only utilized for its intended purpose in relation to this website.

If you are involved in a NuggetsHoops contest or give-away, you may be asked to provide an email address and/or address to assist in identification and the delivery of your prize if you are a winner. Again, none of this information will ever be stored, used, or shared for anything other than the purpose of the contest or give-away itself.

If you have any questions about this policy, please send email to:

Last updated: Mon, February-28-2011